it’s not often that i have pictures that relate to my stories. this one was a little of what inspired the story on the previous entries. these construction workers in tonala, jalisco were amused that i would want to take their picture. i have never been on a construction site where this would be the approved method of material handling.

“Frank –look! The bricklayers are almost done on the upper level . Ain’t it a beaut?  Just like when we stacked blocks as kids.”

“Wow. I don’t know what to say Fred. It certainly is an interesting design. I’m glad the homeowner  paid you up front…”

“Frank! I’m calling it “Falling Brick”. Aren’t the cantilevered decks just wonderful?”

“Yeah,  but 7?… excessive, isn’t it?”

“Why are you always so practical?  This way, every family member gets his own barbecue grill…”

“Fred, You’ve got a brick out of kilter over here. Let me see if I can fix that for you…”



too many sound effects to download the file. i had to squash my voice hard to play the lead…

overreaction (<play me)

I hate him!

Honey, what’s wrong? Not going to the dance?

That stupid boy Wolfgang. I hate him, and I hate it here! I want to go back to California. I’m 17, and you’ve ruined my whole life. I coulda stayed with aunt Julia to finish school, but you wanted me to broaden my horizons…”

Look at me! It’s senior prom, and I’m dressed like an extra from the Sound of Music. Look at that! My corsage… All I wanted was one stinking rose, and Wolfgang brought me garlic!

You’ll adjust dear; they just do things “differently” here in Transylvania.

somewhere in the very near future….

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I hunt along the rusty Steel river… Eerie hulks list and careen; weeds grow out of the crazed asphalt. When cars ran out of gas on I-95, travel halted on the east coast. Anything salvageable is long gone.

The seats and mirrors are missing, but the trunk is still latched. How did this get missed by the others? The lock gives, and I find-  2 blankets and a box of powerbars. A corner of the carton is gnawed, but most bars are whole. Enough to trade.

Today is a good day, I think, as the cold sun reflects off my face.


thank you to everyone who voted and made this the popular choice of the week

coneflower is one on the blooms that reminds me of summer. and i like to finger the prickly cone – such an interesting feeling – not what you would normally expect from a flower.

some say a tincture of echinacea helps build immune resistance, but if you start taking the tincture after your cold is alredy set in, its too late. so there you go.

after the battle (<play it!)

“I demand a recount,” howled the fencing master to the moon-faced giant. Two men sit amidst sundry dismembered body parts;  The Turk cradles the wounded Spaniard, the Dread Pirate Roberts.

“Si, Fezzik, recuentame the gory details…”
“Of how you spilled Selkirk’s entrails?”

“And the queen, she is still in power?”
“Safely hidden in the Matzo Tower.”

“Fezzik, you’ve a way with the rhymes.”
“Then pay me in ducats and not with dimes….”

“It’s ok Inigo. I will take you to Miracle Max.
I will carry you, just relax”

“Bah Fezzik! Set me down! Your end is near my face.”


sometimes the prompts get out of hand. the previous week, there had been a 5 way tie, so we had to write a story incorporating: fencing master, matzo tower, i demand a recount, the end is near, and, howl at the moon. funny, everyone attacked the problem in a different way. some, like me, used all five in a 100 word story. others wrote 5 different stories, and others still picked only one topic. all were welcomed submissions, displaying humor and creativity.

“Momma Neith, is it October yet? I want a tasty tourist…”

“Sssh… No tears, Sobek. Big crocs don’t cry.  Look! The feluccas are coming down river. Be still… Go with the flow. Lower your head more… just nostrils out of the water.”

“There’s one… the lady trailing her fingers in the water…”

“No, she’ll never go swimming and She looks too old anyway… keep on looking. Let’s wait for a boat filled with young people. Listen for the loudest one. Tourists rarely pay attention to anything floating quietly, plus, they find the Egyptian sun so hot…”

“I am a log…”


no sound file on this one – it’s m.i.a.

this one was a winner, thanks to all my friends. have you voted this week yet?

this was a fun topic… we had to do grab a *wikipedia wildcard* and write a story from the topic that turned up. mine was “the waterfalls of serbia”

(hmmm another one thats too big to download)

Behind me are the Izubra cataracts. The Vlach, native to the Carpathian basin, have protected these rugged, pristine waterways  for thousands of years; It is an ancient  obligation for them.

The waterfalls of Serbia are portals to MiddleEarth, the land of the dwarves. The Vlach owe their allegiance,  repayment for assistance in driving out invaders during the Roman conquest of this region. In exchange for magical arms, they promised to protect the secret entrances hidden behind these tumbling waters.

The latest intruders aren’t as tough as the Romans. Extreme kayakers’ double paddles are pitiful when matched against a spiked halberd.

i really like cloud pictures. this looks peaceful to me, only slightly ruffled. i like it when the clouds are high, more than when they are skimmind the earth. don’t really know why.

What would Gandhi do, if he came face to face with a dragon, armed only with a boy scout manual and a piñata costume?

(play me >)  wc151_what would ghandi do?

Please so kind as to light the fire for our tea.

There should be twigs, I know, but all I have is this book.

Do you like it? The colours are a bit gaudy, but my dhoti is at the cleaners. And I had nothing else to wear.

My opinion of the British? Their behaviour to both dragons and Indians is loutish.

Struck a nerve, have I? It appears you have set the woods on fire.

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